Welcome to the 2014 Online Profits Boot Camp!

The 2014 Online Profits Boot Camp will show you how to establish:

  • Online Classes
  • Membership Sites
  • Micro-Continuity
  • Virtual Clubs

And it’ll show you how to incorporate all of this into your mailing list for passive profits 24/7!

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2. You haven’t registered for this class yet.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2014 Online Profits Boot Camp!

  1. I am trying to find the recording of last night’s webinar. Could you please tell me how to access it?
    Gigi Cohen

    1. Gigi,

      Click on “Webinar Recordings” under the main title of the blog. Click on week 1 & you should be able to see the recording.

    2. You also have to make sure you’re logged in. And please leave Comments in the Questions and Comments section only. Thanks!

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